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Structured Financing

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Innovative Financing: Structured for Your Success

At Deviser Capital Partners Inc., we spearhead capital-raising initiatives for our Business Partners, formulating efficient and effective financing solutions tailored to your needs. Our extensive experience spans across all business types and development stages, enabling us to expertly assess your funding requirements and determine the optimal capital form. With our comprehensive Structured Financing Services, we are well-equipped to navigate the financial landscape and secure the best possible capital solutions for our Business Partners including but not limited to the following: 

Private Equity

At Deviser Partners, we provide structured equity financing for businesses with a track record of consistent profitability and enterprise values of up to $50 million. We focus our efforts on companies that have demonstrated a history of revenue growth, robust operating margins, and moderate capital requirements, as well as on those with strong, established management teams.

Our equity financing solutions are versatile and span various industries including Technology, Financial Services, Real Estate, Industrial Products & Services, and Mining & Exploration. We tend to avoid industries that are highly regulated, volatile, or distressed, staying true to our investment philosophy.

Our approach to equity financing is characterized by strategic creativity, prompt evaluation, and proactive action on potential investments. While we may participate directly at times, our main role is to help structure financing that will serve the needs of the business. We embrace unconventional opportunities and financial structures, aiming to work efficiently with motivated management teams.

Real Estate Financing

At Deviser Partners, our comprehensive real estate financing solutions span across equity and debt financing, catering to diverse real estate sectors. We specialize in structuring and sourcing equity capital for property investment assets and development projects, including creating General and Limited Partnership structures. These partnership arrangements diversify risk, potentially offer tax benefits, and allow wider investor participation. We complement this with our expertise in diverse forms of debt financing, delivering tailored solutions that align with each client’s strategic vision and risk tolerance.

Our network of capital sources extends from traditional banks to non-traditional financiers like hedge funds and family offices, enabling us to secure competitive financing terms. At the core of our services is a commitment to client objectives, ensuring our financing solutions drive value and foster success in our clients’ real estate endeavors. Whether you’re financing a new acquisition, refinancing an asset, raising capital for a project, or establishing a partnership structure, Deviser Partners is poised to deliver effective results.

Growth Capital Financing

At Deviser Partners, we excel in facilitating access to growth capital that propels businesses forward, regardless of their stage of development. Our expertise lies in understanding each business’s unique needs and identifying the most appropriate form of growth capital. Whether it’s venture capital for startups, private equity for expansion, or mezzanine financing for transitioning businesses, we have the knowledge and connections to secure the right funding. With our extensive network comprising venture funds, family offices, hedge funds, and high net worth individuals, we can efficiently navigate the complex funding landscape and secure the capital your business needs to scale.

Our approach is not solely transactional; instead, we focus on building sustainable growth trajectories for the businesses we work with. This involves a comprehensive understanding of each business’s financial landscape, goals, and market dynamics to find the best capital fit. Additionally, our strong relationships with funding sources enable us to not only identify but also negotiate optimal terms, ensuring that the capital we secure aligns with our clients’ long-term growth objectives. With Deviser Partners at your side, accessing growth capital becomes a strategic move to drive your business forward.

Operating Capital Financing

As part of our comprehensive services, we’ve established Deviser Finance Corp, our wholly-owned subsidiary, to specifically address the immediate capital needs of businesses. Recognizing the importance of smooth cash flow in sustaining operations, we provide an array of financing solutions designed to raise operating or working capital swiftly. Our goal is to enable businesses to manage their short-term financial obligations effectively, thus supporting their ongoing success and growth.

Our suite of services encompasses a broad range of solutions, including unsecured working capital loans for businesses in need of immediate funds, equipment-backed revolving credit facilities that provide the flexibility of accessing funds as needed, and equipment leasing and loans for businesses looking to upgrade or acquire new machinery. Each solution we offer is tailored to our clients’ specific needs and financial situation. Through Deviser Finance Corp, we aim to provide fast, flexible, and efficient financing solutions, supporting businesses in their journey towards stability and growth.


Deviser Partners is devoted to widening our financing capabilities to better serve our Business Partners. In line with this commitment, we’re currently in the process of forming a strategic alliance with a specialist in crowdfunding software. This partnership aims to develop a pioneering funding platform that capitalizes on general solicitation and crowdfunding exemption rules, thereby democratizing the access to capital for businesses.

Once operational, this platform will act as a game-changer for our Business Partners, providing them with a novel means to raise capital. By reaching a diverse range of investors, from seasoned institutional investors to interested individuals, our partners will have the chance to gather significant funding that can propel their growth and development. This innovative platform signifies our resolve to continually adapt and evolve in the dynamic financial landscape, ensuring we’re equipped to address our partners’ evolving needs.