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We offer a range of tailored services, designed to empower your business. From corporate secretarial duties to innovative business intelligence, discover how our services can propel your company’s growth. 


Creating a clear strategic pathway is crucial for the success of any business endeavor. With our partnered team of experienced strategists, we offer top-tier Business Planning Services specifically tailored to your unique business needs. This partnership brings you comprehensive and professional guidance in navigating your business journey with confidence and foresight, irrespective of your industry.

Our Business Planning Services include:

  • IStrategic Business Planning
  • IMarket Research & Competitive Analysis
  • IFinancial Forecasting and Projections
  • IRisk Assessment and Mitigation
  • IOperational Efficiency Planning
  • IMarketing and Sales Strategy Development
  • ISustainability and CSR Integration
  • IPerformance Metrics and KPIs Setting
  • IExit Strategy Planning


Determining the accurate economic value of your business is an integral part of informed decision-making, especially during strategic decisions, fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, or planning exit strategies. To support you in this crucial area, we have partnered with a team of seasoned financial analysts who specialize in Business Valuation Services.

Our Business Valuation Services focus on:

  • IBusiness Valuation
  • ITangible and Intangible Asset Valuation
  • IIndustry-Specific Valuation
  • IValuation for Special Purposes
  • IEquity and Debt Valuation
  • IExit Valuation


Our dedication lies in fostering effective communication channels between your business and its shareholders, along with prospective investors. We strive to amplify your company’s visibility in crucial regional financial communities. Increased exposure can benefit your company in myriad ways that are pertinent to shareholders, including augmenting the investor base – a vital element for the long-term success of publicly listed companies. The beneficial outcomes of our services range from enhancing liquidity in your company’s common shares and trading volumes, to fostering awareness of your company’s operations among financial institutions and the investing public. Our services encompass:

  • ICorporate Investor Presentation Materials
  • IOngoing Investor Communications
  • IMeetings and Presentations
  • IMarket Trading Activities


While the visual appeal of a website often grabs immediate attention, it’s crucial to recognize the significance of other underlying elements contributing to an organization’s online success. We’re thrilled to partner with Vidalcom Solutions Inc., a firm specializing in design and branding solutions that amplify and optimize your company’s digital presence, offering services uniquely crafted for your requirements. Our collaboration with Vidalcom avails our clients to their extensive services, which include:

  • IWeb Design
  • IDigital Graphics & Print
  • IPhotography & Videography
  • IE-Commerce Development
  • ISEO & Analytics
  • IWordPress Development
  • IProgramming & Application Development
  • ISocial Media Management
  • IHosting & Support


Operating in the public domain can be complex. Regulatory compliance, securities, and stock exchange requirements demand a level of expertise that can pull your focus away from your core business operations. Recognizing this, we’ve joined forces with Wiklow Proactive Corporate Services to offer exhaustive secretarial services, regulatory compliance, and continuous disclosure services. Our aim is to ensure your business meets securities and exchange requirements accurately and promptly, giving you peace of mind and the bandwidth to concentrate on your business growth. Our services include:

  • IBoard of Directors Meetings
  • IShareholder Meetings
  • IGovernance Advice
  • IRegulatory Liaison
  • IExchange Filings
  • IPublic Offerings
  • IFinancial Statements
  • IExchange Applications
  • IInsider Trading and SEDI Filings
  • IUS Filings & Applications


At Deviser Capital Partners Inc., we spearhead capital-raising initiatives for our Business Partners, formulating efficient and effective financing solutions tailored to your needs. Our extensive experience spans across all business types and development stages, enabling us to expertly assess your funding requirements and determine the optimal capital form. With our comprehensive Structured Financing Services, we are well-equipped to navigate the financial landscape and secure the best possible capital solutions for our Business Partners including but not limited to the following:

  • IPrivate Equity
  • IReal Estate Financing
  • IGrowth Capital
  • IOperating Capital
  • ICrowdfunding

Our Advantages

At Deviser Capital Partners, we blend financial acumen, strategic insight, and a passion for results to supercharge our clients’ success.


Quality counts

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We uphold stringent standards for our advisory services, resulting in robust, reliable, and practical solutions that truly drive success. This commitment to quality has allowed us to forge enduring relationships with a broad spectrum of clients across industries.

Experience & Expertise

Our team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge spanning all facets of corporate finance and strategic consulting. From startups seeking growth capital to established corporations contemplating strategic transactions, our expertise has all business stages covered.

Integrity first

In our operations, integrity is paramount. We adhere to the highest ethical standards, providing our clients with confidence in our processes, transparency, and commitment to their best interests.


We relish the opportunity to tackle new challenges. Every client’s needs are unique, and we thrive on crafting personalized, innovative strategies that rise to these challenges and deliver exceptional results.

A matter of time

We understand that in business, timing is everything. That’s why we operate with promptness and efficiency, delivering high-quality solutions within crucial timelines.


As experts in corporate finance and strategic advisory, we offer companies the assurance of our forward-thinking approach. We anticipate market trends, regulatory changes, and industry challenges to keep your business ahead of the curve.