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Amplifying Potential, Multiplying Returns


Our Approach & Strategy

At Deviser Partners, we believe in the power of strategic partnerships. Our co-investment approach involves aligning our interests with our Business Partners by investing our own capital. This commitment isn’t a one-time event; it’s a phased process that begins with co-funding initial restructuring or rebranding efforts, and continues as we progressively increase our stake in response to our partners’ success and our continued value creation. Leveraging our extensive network, we tap into crucial resources and expertise. Our proficiency spans across various sectors, from eCommerce startups to mature technology firms, allowing us to craft optimal capital-raising strategies. Our adaptable investment strategy enables us to pivot with changing market conditions, allowing us to seize diverse opportunities. We aim to deliver structured investments to a wide array of investor groups, offering potentially higher yields. Together, we’re not just building businesses; we’re cultivating shared growth and success. 

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is built upon two foundational pillars: capital preservation and investment growth potential. We collaborate with our issuer and co-investors to design innovative structured products, grounded in interest rates, equity themes, sectors, and regions. This process is greatly enriched by the insights of our local and global advisory teams, who guide the selection of underlying assets and structures that is suitable and fair to all partners and stakeholders.

We uphold the highest standards of due diligence, ensuring the most promising and secure investment opportunities are pursued and that all parties interests are aligned.

Investment Criteria

We strongly believe that lower middle-market companies continue to represent promising investment opportunities. Our aim is to pinpoint companies and management teams possessing a compelling value proposition, executive leadership, and strategic vision to ascend to industry leadership. Our investment focus encompasses companies across major industry sectors, typically demonstrating the following traits:

  • Proven Business Model: Evidenced by $3 – 50 million in revenue or $500k – 5 million of EBITDA at the time of investment.
  • Value Proposition: Offers superior products or services at lower overall costs.
  • Significant Growth Opportunity: Strategically positioned for transformative revenue and profit growth (3-5x over the investment’s lifespan).
  • Accomplished Management: Led by a results-oriented and experienced team.
  • Sector Relevance: Operating in sectors where Deviser can meaningfully contribute value, based on our team’s successful investment track record and access to industry experts and customers.

We prioritize addressing each company’s specific needs in our investment approach. We’re comfortable co-investing in both controlling and minority positions. However, we believe that a successful partnership relies on mutual commitment and collaboration. As such, we value companies that introduce a ‘President’s List’, a co-investment scheme encouraging key stakeholders to invest alongside us and our other investment partners. This ensures our objectives align, reinforcing our joint commitment to the company’s success.


We maintain a flexible investment mandate to capitalize and take advantage of attractive opportunities across a broad range of industries.

Our Funding Partners

Our success at Deviser Partners is driven not only by our dedicated team and strategic approaches but also by our diverse network of capital partners. From prominent Financial Institutions and agile Venture Funds to exclusive Family Offices and influential Hedge Funds, our funding partners form the backbone of our financial power. Our network also encompasses High Net Worth Individuals, who bring their unique perspectives and capital resources to the table. Each of these partnerships plays a crucial role in enabling us to devise and execute optimal financial strategies, ensuring we meet the unique needs of each business we work with. Let’s delve deeper into the remarkable ecosystem that empowers us to deliver sustainable growth and wealth for our clients.

Financial Institutions

Our financial institution partners typically include both bank and privately owned brokerage firms, wealth management companies and Exempt Market Dealers in Canada. These esteemed institutions provide us with the financial resources and stability necessary for executing large-scale deals and long-term projects.

Venture Capital

These partners consist of venture capital firms and investment funds that specialize in early-stage and high-growth potential companies. Their expertise lies in recognizing and nurturing innovation, and they provide both the capital and strategic guidance that startups and growth-stage companies need to scale effectively and efficiently.

Family Offices

Our network includes single and multi-family offices that manage the wealth of high-net-worth families. These offices provide us with a source of patient capital that understands the importance of long-term investments. Their deep focus on preserving and growing wealth aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainable growth and generational wealth building.

High Net Worth Individuals

These partners consist of individuals with significant disposable income, ready to invest in promising ventures. Their personal experiences, insights, and willingness to take calculated risks provide a unique dimension to our investment strategies. They not only bring substantial capital but also their individual expertise and personal networks, adding significant value beyond monetary investment.

Our Portfolio: A Chronicle of Success

Explore our diverse portfolio encompassing both current and past projects and investments. Each project demonstrates our commitment to strategic growth and client satisfaction, while highlighting our ability to structure and deliver on tailored business services and investment solutions. These successes serve as our testament to the comprehensive capabilities and expansive network of Deviser Partners.

Alerio Gold

Created and launched the company’s website. Assisted with IR & Investor Presentation. Managed Social Media platforms.

Solair Inc.

Formulated a detailed business plan. Conducted a comprehensive valuation. Developed and launched the company’s website. Managed branding/marketing efforts and created Investor Presentations.


Formulated a comprehensive business plan. Developed and launched website. Conducted a thorough valuation. Assisted in securing financing.

IM Grid

Developed a comprehensive business plan. Conducted a detailed valuation. Created and launched the company’s website. Managed branding/marketing and Investor Presentations.

Emergia Inc.

Developed an in-depth business plan. Created and launched the company’s website. Assisted in shareholder negotiations & debt restructuring.


Formulated a comprehensive business plan. Developed and launched the company’s website. Managed social media platforms. 100% owned & operated

Aydon Income Properties

Developed comprehensive business plan. Created and launched a responsive, modern website. Conducted a thorough valuation. Assisted in the structuring and securing of financing.

Delma Group

Formulated a detailed business plan. Developed and launched the company’s website. Conducted a comprehensive valuation. Assisted in organizing financing.