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Who we are and what we’re all about


Who We Are

At Deviser Partners Inc., we embody the spirit of “Devise and Conquer,” providing our Partner Companies and Co-Investors with the capital, expertise, and innovative solutions needed to navigate and thrive within their respective industries. As a trusted Private Equity and Investment firm, we cultivate a symbiotic relationship with founders and management teams, often serving as both their corporate finance advisor and their first institutional capital investor.

Our mission extends beyond mere support; we empower Partner Companies with resources, talent, and strategic guidance tailored to unlock their full potential and fuel accelerated growth. Our firm’s strength lies in our understanding of financial operations, our deep-rooted knowledge of core industries, and our expansive network of seasoned executives. We leverage these assets to build sustainable value within our Partner Companies.

We take pride in our track record of successful collaborations, where our focus is not on quick gains but on nurturing businesses into larger, more efficient market leaders over time. We do this by fostering an environment that encourages key stakeholders to invest alongside us, aligning our collective objectives and creating shared commitment.

At Deviser Partners Inc., we aren’t just about facilitating short-term growth. We strive to enable generational wealth, helping our partners engineer lasting success and legacy. Join us on this journey towards long-term prosperity where together, we’ll devise strategies and conquer the path to enduring success.

Our Mission

To create opportunities, devise solutions, and deliver results that are tailored to meet both our Co-Investors’ and Business Partners’ strategic objectives.

Our Purpose

We leverage our experience, knowledge, resources, and relationships to empower our clients in achieving their ambitions. Our approach isn’t just about partnership, it’s about forging an integrated alliance that thrives on mutual growth. We are not just by your side, but on your team. Together, we will devise strategies, conquer challenges, and craft a legacy of lasting success. Our approach is one of integrated partnership; we are there when you need us and as you need us.

Core Values/Principles:

Our core values run through all our staff at Deviser Partners, and we work hard to ensure all our work and daily activities are completed with our values front and center.


  • Who We Are – We are committed to transparency, openness and collaboration. Our cornerstones are integrity, honesty and respect, and we practice what we preach.
  • What We Do – We focus on meeting the objectives and delivering the results that we say we will achieve. We take pride in our track record and in fostering the trust and confidence that is essential to our success.
  • How We Work – We brainstorm, bounce ideas around and let our imaginations wander.  We think strategically, see new possibilities and strive to bring people and ideas together.
  • Why We Do It – Simply put, we like the people – both our clients and colleagues – with whom we partner. We enjoy what we do. We believe we are good at it, and we find it fun.
  • Where Work Fits – We are as intently focused on being the best at what we do as we are on maintaining balance in our lives. Focus, energy and flexibility are key to that balance.

Our Principals

At Deviser Partners, we hold firm to the belief that our greatest asset is our people. Comprised of a close-knit team of seasoned business professionals and expert consultants, our staff is wholly committed to the success of our clients. Each project is approached with a tailored strategy, as we engage our team members based on their specific skills and experience needed to successfully complete the task at hand.

Vid Wadhwani, Managing Partner

Vid Wadhwani has over 35 years of senior management experience in both the public and private sector. He has served on the Board of Directors and has held senior executive positions with a number of Canadian public companies.

Vid has worked with several prominent investment firms as a senior financial advisor and brings with him extensive knowledge of the capital markets in both Canada and the United States. His previous position as a financial analyst working with a broad spectrum of companies in a wide range of industries gives him considerable experience in the preparation of business plans, financial projections, valuations, and financial statements for both public and private companies.

He currently resides in Maple Ridge, B.C. with his wife Alanna and 4 children.

Nathan Wadhwani, Partner

Nathan Wadhwani, a graduate from Washington State University with a degree in Finance and Business, combines his educational expertise with his passion for sports to impact two diverse fields. As a Partner at Deviser Capital Partners Inc., Nathan applies his robust financial acumen to deliver crucial advisory and consulting services. With a strong foundation in strategic planning and management consulting, he adeptly navigates the complexities of corporate finance, helping clients make informed financial and strategic decisions.

Parallel to his career in finance, Nathan’s passion for sports led him to found Beyond Athletics, an organization dedicated to empowering amateur athletes. Drawing on his experience as a student-athlete, he works towards bridging the gap between sporting talent and financial opportunities, providing athletes with the resources they need to excel. Based in British Columbia, Nathan’s unique blend of skills and experience makes him a dynamic figure in both the financial sector and the sports industry.

Our Staff & Associates


Dave Carkeek


Mark Kauhane


Cory Reddekopp

Associate & RedDevREI Partner

Stephanie Cho


Jacob Wadhwani


Aiden Good


Tim Delcourt


Embracing Global Synergy and Technological Innovation

At Deviser Partners Inc., we embrace the transformative power of cutting-edge technology and global collaboration. We leverage Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Assistance tools to optimize our processes, enhance efficiency, and provide unparalleled service quality. Furthermore, we harness the power of a diverse and talented global workforce, integrating different perspectives and unique insights to devise solutions that transcend borders. This dynamic blend of innovative technology and global synergy empowers us to deliver exceptional results, keeping us at the forefront of the evolving business landscape.

Virtual Assistants

An admin assistant can boost efficiency by managing  schedules, calls, emails and data entry.


A remote sales team can help reach more clients through lead generation, and inbound/outbound calling.

Accounting Services

Leverage our remote bookkeepers to help with administration, accounting, data entry and data analysis.

Customer Support

Customer service and support agents can help field inquiries and support tickets across a variety of platforms.

Community Support

Beyond Amateur Athletics Society

Deviser Capital Partners and Nathan Wadhwani are deeply committed to making positive contributions to the community. With a special focus on the empowerment of young athletes, the firm proudly supports the Beyond Athletics Society, an organization committed to nurturing amateur athletes’ growth. The Society provides essential resources, opportunities, and support for athletes, helping them achieve their full potential both on and off the field.

Beyond Athletics resonates deeply with Nathan’s philosophy of merging financial acumen with the support of promising athletic talent. Deviser Capital Partners recognizes the significant impact sports can have on young lives and the wider community. The firm’s support for Beyond Athletics is part of its broader commitment to creating positive change, leveraging financial resources to contribute to a better future. Through such initiatives, Deviser Capital Partners solidifies its role as a responsible corporate citizen, fostering growth and prosperity within and beyond the financial sector.

Sports have the ability to transform individuals and communities; we are committed to harnessing this power for positive social impact.